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Real Sex Dolls

Real dolls are life-size reproductions of female or also male bodies and serve predominantly the masturbation; the dolls fall into the category sex toys. However, the sex toy can sometimes not only be used for the mere satisfaction of one’s own sexual needs, but also during sexual intercourse with one’s partner (simulation of a “threesome”). Sometimes the dolls also serve to satisfy Pygmalionism, a special form of fetish in which men (but also women) mainly have sexual intercourse with rubber dolls or real dolls.

Here you can find the best sex dolls on the market.

Male Masturbators

The male masturbators offer something for every taste. The practical, handy pocket masturbators are particularly popular with men. Whether vagina, oral or anal masturbator: The love tunnel is usually structured with nubs or grooves and thus additionally stimulates the penis.

The Fleshlight products, in particular, offer a particularly authentic emotional experience. With some toys, the stimulation can be additionally increased by the pressure of the hand. Other masturbators, on the other hand, work mechanically and do all the work for you.

Here you can find the best male masturbator on the market.

Pocket Pussies

Each pocket pussy consists of two components: a solid plastic case that resembles a large torch and an insert made of soft skin-like material.

The opening of the insert is usually modelled on a vagina. Some models also have an opening designed as a mouth or anus replica. Inside the insert is a tubular channel that surrounds the man’s penis as he enters. The channels of the different fleshlights have different structures and thus offer a different masturbation experience.

The user puts his stiff penis into the pocket pussy and the fun can begin. Depending on your personal taste, you can actively push the pussy (more like sex) or move the artificial pussy up and down with your hand on your penis (feels more like a blowjob).

Here you can find the best pocket pussy on the market.

Penis Pumps

A penis pump usually consists of a chamber and a cylinder. To get the penis into the erect state, a vacuum is created with the help of the chamber and the cylinder. It is, so to speak, an erectile aid. Pumps are also a great way to train your penis. They can be performed at home and are safer and cheaper than operations. But this method takes some time to see results. If you use the penis pump correctly and stay on the ball, however, positive increases in length and thickness are expected over time!

Here you can find the best penis pump on the market.

Penis Extender

In recent years, penis extenders have gained in quality and comfort and have gained a lot of attention – the penis expander has not passed us by unnoticed either. This year we tested two prominent extenders and described our experiences comprehensively. We did examine how these products work and looked at the principle of penis extension – is it really possible to enlarge the penis in this way?

We try to give you the answer in this guide to the best penis extender.

Premature Ejaculation Pills

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual dysfunctions in men. A short period of time before a man’s orgasm is therefore not uncommon, but quickly leads to dissatisfaction of the man with himself. However, an orgasm that occurs too early can have many reasons and does not always mean a malfunction.

Fortunately, nowadays there are pills that can prolonger the sexual intercourse.

Read our guide about the best premature ejaculation pills.