Average penis size around the world

Worlmap of average penis size

The average penis size around the world – How do we measure up?

It is not unusual for men to wonder how they compare to other men in length. Probably all men have asked themselves whether they are above or below the average of the worldwide penis sizes and whether they should aim for a penis enlargement. Boys no longer have to worry and wonder how they fare against their rivals in terms of penis size.

A list has been published comparing erect penis sizes around the world. In Africa there is tough competition for the title for the largest penises in the world. Men from Asia, on the other hand, have the smallest penises on average.

The global average is just under 5.51 inches. That’s pretty much the size of the display of an iPhone 6 Plus. The title of the world’s largest penises goes to the Democratic Republic of Congo, where the average is a proud 7.01 inches. North Korea is the exact opposite. Here, men with an average penis size of 3.8 inches are in last place in the international comparison. The “best-stocked” continent is South America with an average of 6.3 inches.

Worldwide, 3 percent of men over 7.8 inches penis length and about 6 percent need extra large condoms.

The US average varies from study to study. However, scientists and physicians now agree that the American average length is well below 6 inches. Widespread and recognized is a penis average length of 5.079 inches, which reaches to a place in the midfield worldwide. Deviations up or down are relatively normal. With over 7 inches you have a very large penis, with under 5.1 inches a rather smaller one. Whether women’s length of the male penis is important, we investigate in another blog post.

The attempt to create an average of the global penis size includes the examination of numerous earlier infographics and surveys. But if we take a closer look, most of them turn out to be useless. Most of the data used to create “global” size statistics comes from incorrect or unreliable reports. In many cases, the sources used to produce statistics on international penis size were based on self-declarations or estimates given by men about the size of their own penis. As all men know, more is often stated there than is actually available. Some studies have even found that men perceive their own penis as smaller than they actually are. All these studies can therefore only be used as a result with extreme caution.

A list with sizes around the globe:

Country Size in centimeter
Congo 17.96
Ecuador 17.12
Ghana 17.21
Colombia 17.01
Venezuela 17.01
Lebanon 16.81
Cameroon 16.77
Iceland 16.41
Sudan 16.40
Jamaica 16.32
Panama 16.23
Nicaragua 16.24
Benin 16.21
Brazil 16.11
Peru 16.01
Puerto Rico 16.00
Haiti 16.00
Georgia 16.00
Dominican Republic 15.95
Burkina Faso 15.87
Czech Republic 15.86
Denmark 15.85
Senegal 15.85
Gambia 15.84
Netherlands 15.84
Belgium 15.83
Zambia 15.76
Belize 15.74
Italy 15.75
Angola 15.73
Egypt 15.69
Zimbabwe 15.68
Bosnia 15.67
Hungary 15.61
Paraguay 15.53
Nigeria 15.50
Chad 15.39
Central Afrika 15.33
Cuba 15.29
South Africa 15.29
Pakistan 15.25
Ivory Coast 15.22
Slovakia 15.21
Uruguay 15.14
Slovenia 15.13
Mexico 15.10
Palestine 15.08
Marokko 15.03
Bulgaria 15.02
Tunisia 15.01
Costa Rica 15.01
Honduras 15.00
Argentina 14.88
El Salvador 14.88
Sweden 14.88
Serbia 14.87
Croatia 14.77
Albania 14.73
Greece 14.73
Suriname 14.67
Belarus 14.63
Chile 14.59
Iran 14.55
Iraq 14.55
Germany 14.48
Eritrea 14.39
Israel 14.38
Switzerland 14.35
Norway 14.34
Poland 14.29
Algeria 14.19
Austria 14.16
Turkey 14.11
Cape Verde 14.05
New Zeeland 13.99
Macedonia 13.98
Ukraine 13.98
England 13.97
Kanada 13.92
Greenland 13.87
Spain 13.85
Saudi Arabia 13.80
Estonia 13.78
Finland 13.78
Libya 13.74
Azerbaijan 13.72
Afghanistan 13.69
Ethiopia 13.53
France 13.53
Turkmenistan 13.48
Australia 13.31
Armeniea 13.22
Russia 13.21
Portugal 13.19
USA 12.90
Ireland 12.78
Mongolia 12.77
Romania 12.73
Yemen 12.72
Indonesia 11.67
Singapore 11.53
Malaysia 11.49
Vietnam 11.47
Bangladesh 11.20
Hong Kong 11.19
Japan 10.92
China 10.89
Sri Lanka 10.89
Philippines 10.89
Taiwan 10.78
India 10.24
Thailand 10.16
Kambodscha 10.04
South Korea 9.67
North Korea 9.65


The world Penis size map:

Worlmap of average penis size