Best Male Masturbation Techniques

man enjoying himself on the bed

Male Masturbation Techniques You Definitely Want To Try

What many men do not know, there are almost as many masturbation techniques for men as there are names for hand application. Up, down and bang to an orgasm, most of you know that. A quickie with itself provides relaxation and a clear head.

Nevertheless, one should know that it is worthwhile to approach the whole thing more relaxed and consciously and to try something new. New techniques, masturbation grips and erogenous zones away from the penis must be discovered. In addition, the appeal of the new brings more intense and beautiful orgasms.

Take time to masturbate – It feels better

Take time to masturbate – a quarter of an hour, maybe even half an hour or an entire hour. Make yourself comfortable on the bed or sofa. Make sure no one can barge in unannounced so that you can relax while masturbating. Avoid pornography or other visual stimuli and concentrate entirely on yourself and your stimulation.

Without stress, you can now slowly walk with your fingers over your body to intensive points, such as the nipples. Put one of your nipples between your fingers while masturbating and exerting light pressure. Do you like the feeling? Then go ahead and try to vary the pressure and possibly turn the nipples slightly.

The best masturbation techniques and grips

  • The classic: With concentrated strength, this grip technique brings men to orgasm every day and everywhere in the world. The penis is enclosed with the palm of the hand, as if the man were clenching a fist, which is then guided over the penis with different pressures, sometimes faster or slower up and down movements.
  • 2 fists for a hallelujah: Similar to the classic, this masturbation technique works. The double mitten is particularly suitable for larger penises. When masturbating, one hand is first closed around the lower part of the penis, while the upper fist takes care of the glans. You get a lot of stimulation when you try to move one hand up and the other hand down. Or create a kind of pleasure tunnel with your fists, similar to a Fleshlight. Then put your fists on the table and glide into the hand opening with a lot of lubricant and move in and out with pushing movements.
  • Swift fingers: Instead of using your entire hand, use only your thumb and index finger. With the two fingers, you cover the top and bottom of the glans and massage them lightly to powerful – depending on your preference. You can also let the two fingers glide over the entire penis and apply them selectively to other hotspots of the best piece.
  • The Acorn Lord: For this acorn flatterer you need both hands to masturbate. With one hand, the penis is held at the bottom of the shaft, while the glans are pressed into the palm of the other hand. Rub lightly and massage to stimulate it.
  • The backhand: This grip technique can trigger quite intense feelings. The hand is placed on or against the penis shaft the other way round. So the back of the hand is turned up while the thumb is on the side facing the body. Now you can slowly move your hand up and down.
  • Build a fire: Hot business! The hands are laid flat on the sides of the penis as if you wanted to make a fire with a stick. The hands are then also moved back and forth. It is advisable to be a little more cautious the first time to test which speed you like best.
  • The index finger: Man surrounds the penis on the top with the thumb and on the bottom of the ring, middle and little finger.The index finger is placed on the tip of the glans during masturbation.
  • Flatter the glans: With this grip technique, man uses both hands to help. The thumbs are placed on the top of the glans while the index fingers lie on the frenulum. The hands can now be moved in all directions. Circular movements also create lively feelings.
  • The drummer: The penis is simply placed in the hand. The forefinger and middle finger are then tapped on the foreskin frenulum. Variation: The penis is not held so that it bounces slightly when tapped. So you have your hand free to pamper yourself on the testicles, anus or perineum.
  • Rum cucumbers: Men take a cucumber that goes with his own erect penis. It should not be too wide and not too narrow. Then the green lout is cut off at both ends so that you can simply take out the inside of the cucumber. Preferably with a spoon or similar object. Once the work has been completed, man can now dive into the do-it-yourself Fleshlight and enjoy wet dreams.
  • Pillow fight while masturbating: To do this, simply take two pillows, press them closely together and let the penis slide slowly between them. With pushing movements, like during sex, the feather-light pleasure can now be enjoyed.
  • The waterfall: Just take a shower or a bath to masturbate – it’s not just a clean thing, it brings special feelings. Sit with the erect penis directly under the bath tap or let the spraying water of the shower head run over the best part. Play with the warm-cold effects of water and enjoy an extraordinarily fun adventure.
  • Belly Clapper: Move into a comfortable position on your back. First, apply a lot of lubricant to the penis and make it really slippery. Then let the penis rest on the stomach and place the flat palm of your hand on the penis and massage it with gentle to powerful fast up and down movements. With this grip position, you may also use your fingers to crawl the testicles or to massage the perineum. You may also like to grasp the erect penis and tap light to powerful against the stomach.
  • The foreign guest: Some of you may already know this classic. A man sits down briefly on his own hand and waits until she falls asleep. Then hand is put on. Enjoy a feeling like someone strangers is reaching out to you while masturbating.

How to pleasure yourself even further

  1. Be on the dam: The dam is a particularly erogenous zone in men. Dam massage can stimulate the prostate from the outside. Through gentle to strong pressure, the feeling during masturbation and especially during orgasm becomes even more intense. Find out more about the orgasm point in our article: Orgasm in a man.
  2. Anal stimulation during masturbation: The prostate can be stimulated during masturbation not only via the perineum from the outside, but also via the anus from the inside. The erogenous point can be easily felt and stimulated with a curved finger or an anal-toy. Due to the many nerve endings of this region, the orgasm becomes much more intense during simultaneous masturbation and anal play. You can find out more about anal access in our article: Anal sex for beginners.
  3. Handplay on the ball: Always keep your ball in your hand while masturbating. Include the testicles in the game. You can gently brush your fingertips over it, gently massage it, rock or stretch the scrotum. See what you like and score yourself an orgiastic own goal with your balls.
  4. Mutual masturbation: At the final climax, masturbation with a partner. For example, sit in front of your partner and spoil yourself while the other one is doomed to watch without being allowed to do anything by hand. Or masturbates both in front of each other or each other during foreplay.