4 Best Male Masturbators For Intensiv Orgasms

Looking for the Best Male Masturbator ever? Masturbation is the act stimulating your genitals for sexual arousal and pleasure until you achieve an orgasm. It is usually done by touching, stroking or massaging the penis. The sex toy industry is a success because everyone masturbates, even guys who have partners indulge in the act of self-gratification. Today, there are sex toys available for every possible fantasy you may have ever had or every kinky thought you wish to enact. The male masturbators are definitely a “big” part of the any sex toy manufacturer’s range and are not restricted to guys who are straight, but are used by gays and trans alike.

Best Male Masturbator Reviews & Comparison Chart

Male Masturbator




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Fleshlight Ice Clear Crystal Lady

fleshlight in crystal optic



9.8 inches

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KUUVAL Fully Automatic

white product and blue package



9.1 inches

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Utimi Hands Free

White Utimi sex toy for men



5.5 inches

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Pipedream Fuck Me Silly

artificial butt in skin color



14.5 inches

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Fleshlight Ice Clear Crystal Lady Masturbator

Masturbation was considered to be a taboo in the olden days. However, medical research has established that masturbation releases feel good neurochemicals that increase satisfaction. In fact, men are known to masturbate before a big night as they claim to not only perform better in bed, but also satisfy their partners beyond expectation.

Features Of Ice Clear Crystal Lady Masturbator:

The Ice Cystal mens masturbator is one of the best sex toys from the Fleshlight stable. Some of its key features are as follows :

  • Bumpy inner sleeve for added pleasure
  • Sleeve lined with SuperSkin
  • Translucent sleeve adds to voyeuristic pleasure
  • Suction control base
  • Discreet design

Keeping the device clean is easy as all you need to do is rinse it with non-soapy warm water and the special washing liquid and pat it dry with a soft fabric. Since lubrication is necessary before using the masturbator, a small sample pack is included in the original packing.


The Crystal sleeve case is translucent and that adds to the visual pleasure. The vagina like entrance further enhances the pleasure. SuperSkin used s non-toxic and easy to clean. Inner walls of the sleeve are chiseled for a “real” experience. The waterproof case is approx. 25.4cm in length, the inner texture 19.7cms and the sleeve 22.9cms

Pros & Cons: Fleshlight is the undisputed leader in the field of sex toys, but this Ice Crystal takes your desires a notch higher due its translucent case which gives you a clear view of every thrust.


  • Very cool design
  • Translucent case adds to the voyeuristic simulation
  • 7 chambers – each with a different feel
  • Easy to use


  • Sleeve is glutinous
  • Expensive

How to Use?

Using this device is easy. Soak the sleeve in hot water for a couple of minutes and then insert it into the case. Pour some lube in generously, while applying some on the labia and your penis as well. That’s it – now the Ice Lady and you are ready for some fun.

Conclusion : The Fleshlight Ice Lady provides some intensely extreme stimulation leading to a quick orgasm, making it especially recommendable for circumcised men. The penis appears bigger, longer and thicker inside the Ice. Solo or with your partner, this penis masturbator definitely makes your dreams of having a bigger penis come alive.

Autoblow – Best Hands Free Male Masturbator

I do not like a blow job – said no man ever. The Autoblow 2 is the ultimate sex toy for men as it does just that – it gives you a blow job and a good one at that. The Autoblow 2 works on electric power and gives you a seriously good fellatio experience and rated as best electric masturbor.

Features of Autoblow:

The Autoblow 2 does not ask for any thrusting or stroking at all – it’s a complete hands free experience with this best hands free male masturbator. Following are some of the key features of the Autoblow 2 :-

  • Electronic deep throat male masturbator powered by electricity
  • No manual thrust required owing to the automatic stroker
  • Experience of a life like feel due to the realistic artificial skin used for the sleeve
  • Penis girths between 4-5.5” can be easily accommodated
  • No batteries needed
  • Has a EU plug

Once the job is done, the artificial skin comes off easily and as the device is close ended, cleaning is not an issue as well.


The Autoblow 2 is available in 3 sizes – A (girth 3-4”), B (girth 4-5.5”) and C (girth 5.5-6.5”). The device is made up of an all metal body whereas the sleeve is created using artificial skin material. It comes with an industrial standard motor and a safe power inlet with a 9’ cable attached to it.

Pros & Cons : The Autoblow 2 is the ultimate sex toy. It sucks – literally. It’s an automatic blow job device designed for the ultimate sexual experience. Following are some of the pros and cons of this device :


  • Realistic experience
  • Mouth sleeve for extra enjoyment
  • Spring loaded beads expand/tighten per your size
  • Non-toxic and harmless to the skin
  • Easy to clean
  • Available in various sizes – length and girth


  • Extremely loud
  • All metal body makes the device rather heavy
  • Need to be careful as semen could spill over

How To Use?

Using the Autoblow 2 is as easy as slipping on a condom.

  • Plug the device into a power outlet
  • Seat yourself down comfortably
  • Wear the device as you would a condom and switch on the power
  • The device is designed to suit all lengths and hence you get a deep penetration like sensation.

Conclusion : The Autoblow 2 is an advanced version of the various hand-held or battery operated devices available in the market today. The device is said to exercise your penis into perfection. It is highly recommended as it helps prolong your ejaculation and enhances the flexibility of the penis – while giving you the ultimate blow job.

Utimi Hands Free Male Masturbator

Undoubtedly male realistic masturbators feel amazing. However, as you need to use your hands to move the device up and down or even to thrust the penis in and out, you miss out simply enjoying the moment. That is where Utimi Hands Free Male Masturbator comes into play – the stuff that dreams are made of.

Features of the Utimi:

A lot of thought has gone into designing the Utimi Hand Free Masturbator to feel like vaginal sex. Some of the key features of this toy are as follows :

  • Rock solid and sturdy
  • Comes with a masturbation cup and USB charging cable
  • Needs to be charged for at least 2 ½ hours before first use
  • The nondescript orifice measures about 3 inches in diameter
  • The sleeve is 5.5” in length – comfortable enough for most men
  • Comes with an adhesive base which can be stuck to smooth surfaces depending on your height
  • Adjustable rod helps position it at any angle per your comfort.


The Utimi Masturbator is godsend for guys who masturbate on a regular basis. The inner material of the masturbation cup us made out of soft thermoplastic elastomer, which not only feels heavenly around the penis but is 100% safe. The soft bumps on the inner side of the sleeve stimulate the most sensitive spots of the penis.

Pros & Cons : Masturbation is an extremely gratifying exercise that most men indulge in. The sex toy industry offers various toys to help male simulation. The Utimi Hand Free Male Masturbator is a dream come true as far as sex toys are concerned. However, one needs to keep the pros and cons of this toy in mind too.


  • It’s a hands free device – you can sit back and simply enjoy
  • The motor adds to the pleasure
  • Feels like vagina sex


  • Motor is rather noisy
  • Needs to be charged before every use

How to Use?

Once the device is fully charged, you need to lube up yourself and the opening of the masturbator and simply slide in – the device will do the rest. The different speeds and thrusting patterns make this the ultimate masturbating experience.

Conclusion: The Utimi Hand Free Masturbator provides a never before experienced sensation from a sex toy as the hands free feature also simulates an orgasm without having to work hard at it. This is a must buy for all those who masturbate on a regular basis – total value for money.

Pipedream Extreme – Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator

Men masturbate. Period. And that is the reason the sex toy manufacturers are constantly introducing new and funkier toys in the market. Pipedream seems to have hit the jackpot with this Fuck Me Silly Mega Masturbator. This is every man’s dream come true – whether straight, gay or trans!

Features of the Pipedream:

The Fuck-Me-Silly-Mega-Masturbator is huge – almost 20 lbs and cannot be tucked away into the dresser. Some of the key features of this masturbator are as follows :

  • Most important – it has a life-like FantaFlesh ass and vagina – which feels so, so good.
  • moist body lotion – the lube is water based. Once you have used it all, remember to buy a water based lube only and as silicone or oils will degrade the surface and render it useless over time
  • toy cleaner – which is good, but warm water and any soapy solution is just as good.
  • 30g FantaFlesh Revive Powder – important to powder the toy after a couple of uses.


This masturbator is certainly a hot favorite as it’s as close to the real thing as you can get. Some of the specifications are as follows :

  • Material : Thermoplastic Rubber
  • Waterproof : No
  • Multi-Speed : No
  • Product Length : 14,5”
  • Product Width : 14”

Warm water and soapy solution is enough to clean this masturbator.

Pros & Cons : The Fuck-Me-Silly-Mega-Masturbator is just what you need for a wham-bam-thank you-ma’m kind of release. Important to note the pros and cons of the device before buying it.


  • The material used feels sexy and reacts to slapping and spanking very well.
  • She has a supreme wiggle and jiggle motion.
  • It’s easy to clean – under 5 minutes required.
  • As real as possible with just the right amount of tightness


  • Not waterproof.
  • Expensive compared to the other toys.
  • At 22oz, it’s not portable at all.

The pros far outweigh the cons where this toy is concerned and hence is highly recommended.

How To Use?

Perhaps the most simple and easiest sex toy in its category – all the Fuck-Me-Silly-Mega-Masturbator needs you to do is place it on a desk or any sturdy place you like, apply the lube on your penis and start pounding away. No foreplay and no cuddling after you are done either.

Conclusion : The Fuck-Me-Silly-Mega-Masturbator is definitely worth your time and money. It’s not a vibrator or a suction sleeve, but an actual vagina and ass for you to play around with – this is a girl you fantasized about in a compromising position. A must-have for your collection.

How To Choose The Best Male Masturbator Online?

Choosing a male desire products are always a point to make sure you are going for the ideal products. Penis is a soft part of the men’s body and there are many products in the market to buy. You need to make sure you are buying the best male masturbators for your safe sex desire. Below are the points you can look before buy a male masturtbator.

Why All Men Should Own Male Masturbators?

Masturbating is not – I repeat not – a taboo or a sin at all. Its enjoyable and most men and women indulge in it too. Masturbation is not just a sexual gratifying act, medical science has proven that it has health benefits too. The masturbators are comes in dfferent types like electric  or auto hands free male masturbator.

  • Prevents prostate cancer.
  • Prevents erectile dysfunction and incontinence
  • You stay hard longer
  • Ejaculation increases levels of cortisol and this help improve immunity
  • Masturbating releases feel-good neurochemicals in the body putting you in a happy state.
  • Its not always possible to use your hands and that’s why a male masturbator is a good idea – there is a wide range – one is bound to suit your needs and pocket.

Are There Varied Sizes Of Masturbators On The Market?

No two men are built the same, especially down there. Just like women have varying boob sizes, the size of the penis also varies from one man to another. Why then should a male masturbator come only in one size? The sex toy industry is huge. The manufacturers constantly try to better their last product in order to satisfy their customers – that is the reason why male masturbators are available in different sizes, shapes, colors and textures – one to suit every need. Male masturbators, though “handy” are huge on simulation and self-gratification – they stroke, tease, vibrate and even swallow you whole.

What Varieties Of Design For The Outside Are Available?

While thinking of male sex toys, it is important to remember that men will be men, but their anatomy, i.e. penis size, differs. Some of the different varieties of hands free male sex toys and the manual as follows:

  • Penis Rings
  • Vibrators
  • Penis Pumps
  • Sleeves & Masturbator
  • Anal Toys

These sex toys definitely take time getting used to and arouse and pleasure you in different ways – while the ring holds an erection for long, vibrators have been known to be extremely pleasurable. Penis pumps do not enlarge your dick permanently, but are reasonably priced and do have a feel-good factor about them. So do make sure you read our best penis pumps guide for more information.

FAQ Section

Does The Differences In Texture Of The Inner Part Among Masturbators Really Matter?

YES and how!!! Masturbation is all about pleasing yourself sexually. Until a few year back, the sex toys industry did not have much to offer the men, but now things have changed. Manufacturers of good male masturbators go all out to ensure the toys offer a real experience. They are constantly upping the antennae in so far as the inner texture of the penis masturbators is concerned. The masturbators are designed to wrap tightly around the penis and give you the feel of entering a real vagina. The lube further heightens the pleasure quotient. Some of the masturbators are designed to feel like a virgin being touched for the very first time.

How Male Masturbators Work?

You may be tempted to just shove it in and get it over with, but there are new to-dos that need to be followed regarding the working of a male masturbator:

  • Lubrication: You need to apply a water-based lube to the toy as well as your penis to avoid any harmful friction with the masturbator.
  • Sensitize The Penis Head: Just like you would with your partner, delay and enjoy the coming by stroking your penis head before diving in.
  • Extra Pleasure: With masturbators made from soft material, you can heighten the pleasure by gripping it tightly.
  • Climax: Move the sleeve up and down in a stroking motion until you climax. First timers, do come quickly, however with practice you can control the coming.

When Do You Use A Masturbator?

There is neither a fixed timing for using a penis masturbator and nor the number of times to use it. What is important is how it fits into your lifestyle without hampering your daily routine or straining your relationships and social life in any way. However, if you find yourself using a masturbator at the cost of your work or life in any way, then you could be addicted to it and should visit a sex therapist. As is with any other form of addiction, using a masturbator at any given point of time can harm your life in various ways.

How Do You Use A Masturbator?

Medical science too considers masturbation as a normal sexual activity for both men and women. Its not a taboo anymore, but an enjoyable activity of pleasuring yourself sexually. There is nothing complicated about using a masturbator. You start with applying a water based lube to the masturbator as well as your penis – this is done to avoid any friction between the penis and the surface of the masturbator. Next you need to sensitize the tip of your penis –this is something you would do with your partner as well. Lastly insert yourself into the toy opening do what comes naturally to you.

Is The Masturbator Comfortable?

Most definitely. There is no rocket science involved in selecting a masturbator. You need to buy one which fits your size. All the masturbators come with instructions on how to measure yourself and then select a toy that is the right size for you. Getting a masturbator which is too small is obviously going to cause friction with the penis and you will end up getting abrasions, where as a size too big will simply take away all the pleasure. Remember, due to hygienic reasons, there is no return policy with masturbators, so measure yourself properly when you are turned on and then select the ideal male masturbator.

Does It Have The Cum Sucking Action That We All Crave?

I do not like a blow job – this is something a man will never say. To have your dick sucked on and taken deep into the throat and then the coming while all this is happening – the stroking, sucking and coming – that’s what a blow job is all about. Not always possible to get your partner to give you the oral pleasure that you so desire and that is why there are masturbators which do just that – at the click of a button. So yes, masturbators do have the cum-sucking action that we all crave for.

Does It Massage Your Dick Like A Vagina?

A lot of thought and research has gone into designing male masturbators. Pick up any masturbator off the rack – they all have one common objective – to give you one hell of a hands-free job. To satisfy you sexually and as close to the real thing as possible. With the penis masturbators, you can select different strokes and speeds – the inner lining of the sleeves are textured to give you some serious vagina like fee and the motion to massage your penis – its like plunging into a vagina. The lube helps with the moist, wet feel. So does the masturbator massage you like a vagina – yes, it surely does.

How To Clean & Play Safely With Your Male Masturbator?

Whichever kind of masturbator you use, cleaning it after every use is a must:

  1. Remove any vibrating parts as they are not waterproof.
  2. Hold the masturbator under hot running water – let the water rinse off every lump and curve.
  3. Pat it dry with a soft clean dry cloth and let it stand in a ventilated area to dry off completely.

You need to exercise extra caution while using the electric and rechargeable toys – make sure they are not plugged into the socket before you slip them on your penis.

Heterosexual or Homosexual, There’s No Difference:

Everyone indulges in masturbation – straight, gay or trans – whether you are a man or a woman – everyone. Being homosexual does not change your anatomy and nor does it change your desire to be satisfied sexually or indulge in acts of self-gratification. Sex toys do not care about your sexual orientation – they only aim to please. Whether you are heterosexual or homosexual, the guidelines for using a masturbator remain the same as the other do’s and don’ts.

Where Can I Buy A Top-rated Male Masturbator Discretely?

Ok. So you have done your homework and zeroed in on a masturbator, but are still apprehensive about walking into a sex shop to pick-up one. Not a problem, you are the only one – there are others like you and hence sex toys are now available online. You can simply select one, pay for it and it will be delivered to your doorstep. What’s worth mentioning here is that the packaging is so nondescript that nobody will ever guess what it contains. In fact, even you may end up wondering  what is being delivered to you.

5 Things That Make A Male Masturbator Awesome

Masturbation is said to be a medically healthy and psychologically normal habit. It involves the sexual simulation of self and involves touching, stroking or massaging the penis until an orgasm is achieved. Masturbation used to be considered a taboo and sin, but not anymore. Everyone masturbates at some – whether you are straight, gay or trans or whether you are single or in a relationship.

Masturbation, not only feels good, but also releases the pent up sexual tension that builds up if you are not sexually active. Sex is normal and so is masturbation. The sex toy industry, was until recently, women centric. It is only off late that you find sex toys that have designed especially for men and the male masturbators top the sales. Besides the obvious advantages of being able to jackoff whenever you want to without having to use your hands or getting your partner into the mood, male masturbators are absolutely awesome for the following 5 reasons:

  • It’s comfortable, Both for the penis and the hand.
  • Has the cum sucking action that every guy craves.
  • Eliminates the chances of death grip, a.k.a. squeezing too hard when masturbating.
  • Provides a reduced friction method for beating the meat. No chafing.
  • It massages the penis, kinda like a vagina would.

So whether you are into rings, pumps or dolls, the ideal male masturbators are designed with a single objective and that is to please you as you have never been pleased before while giving you a life like experience. In fact, using a masturbator is the safest sex you can have without worrying about getting your partner pregnant or even contacting any sexually transmitted disease. Remember, you can never have too much of a good thing, but do not let your love for masturbators dictate your life to the point of ignoring everything else – this is a toy and can never replace the real thing.

What Are The Safety Tips When Using Male Masturbators?

With so many sex toys in the market today, you are spoilt for choice – there are toys to suit every pocket as well as fantasy. All it takes if for you to let go of your inhibitions and explore a world of sexual pleasures. Male sex toys may still carry a social stigma with them, but if you buy one online, nobody knows about it – so that need not play on your mind either.

Once your chosen good quality male masturbator is delivered to you, do not rip the packaging and jump head-on into it. You need to adhere to certain safety tips to enjoy your new to its maximum capacity.

  • Lubrication: Always use a water-based lubricant as opposed to a silicone or an oil based one as the masturbator material may react to the chemicals and be damaged. The lube should be applied generously on the opening of the toy as well as your penis to avoid any harmful friction with the masturbator.
  • Sensitize The Penis Head: This is not a “wham, bam, thank-you ma’m” kinda exercise – its important to sensitize your penis head before thrusting into the masturbator – just like you would with your partner, enjoy the ride and delay the coming – this could be difficult for newbies, but with practice, you will be able to hold your erection for longer and that will be far more pleasurable.

Conclusion: Would like to conclude with the words of Woody Allen, “Masturbation is having sex with someone you really love” – it is definitely not a sin. In fact, masturbation is the best and most enjoyable thing you can ever do with yourself and using a masturbator simply ups the pleasure quotient. The sex toy industry is finally opening up to male fantasies – there is a toy out there to fulfil every wet dream you ever had. All you need to do is just explore and let your inhibitions go. Remember, it’s your body and nobody can please it more than you.

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