Best Penis Extender Review – 4 Penis Stretchers Approved By Experts and Tested For Penile Enhancement

Numerous penis enlargement devices are advertised all across the internet, in magazines and adult only stores globally, on a daily basis. What’s the big fuss you might think or you might be questioning yourself if you really need one? Maybe you are unhappy before having intercourse with your partner or partners. Probably a little shy to allow a woman to touch you between the legs as you might feel ashamed of how small your penis is.

 Well fear no more as we have 4 great penis extenders that will improve your size with just a few hours a day, you will see great results. Within a short space of time, you will have an extended penis exactly to the length that you have always desired. Now you can be confident that the women you`ll be spending time with will give you the respect that you want for your huge penis. 

Now you can stop daydreaming about that huge penis you have always wanted to have and invest in one of our 4 devices. Dropping your pants from now onwards will be done much quicker and more confidently.

 We can assure you that you will get a boost in your self-confidence and be even surer of yourself and your performance in bed.

 Our Top 4 Penis Extenders  & Comparison Chart

Phallosan Forte

White traction devicePhallosan Forte is a device that has had a major breakthrough with the penis enlargement devices competing on the market of Penis extenders worldwide. With its simple and easy to use instructions, you can sit back, whine down, relax and comfortably use our device to support your penis enlargement process for a couple of hours daily. 

Countless owners of the Phallosan Forte have proven that this device has done wonders to their penises by allowing it to grow into long lengths and huge thicknesses, over time. Results will vary from person to person, based on daily and hourly use as well as the intensity set on the device. 

Approved clinical research has also shown that users of this device have not only seen an improvement in their penis size but also improved solid erections which have had an enormous impact on their sex lives and self-confidence. 

Phallosan Forte fits like a glove onto your penis with a good grip and works by using a vacuum suction like that of an actual vacuum cleaner, which helps your penis grow by inches over time. The belt traction technique of the device exercises your penis and softly pulls the penis skin and enhancing the growth of new tissue cells, to help it grow longer and bigger. The soft and painless exercising of your penis boosts your penis size making it much harder and ever ready for sexual intercourse. Keeping your partner or partners happy will no longer be an effort or affect you psychologically.

 The best way to describe how the Phallosan Forte device works is to say that it creates a minute tear on the penis tissue and each time this tear is given time to heal, it grows a bit and over time into a larger penis. This would be the simplest method to explain to someone who has no clue as to how this device actually works. This method has been tried and tested in hundreds of medical trials across the globe.

  • Method is based on findings in new cell and tissue formation induced by mechanical stretching
  • Good for: Incurvate penis, Penis enlargement, Erectile dysfunction
  • Recommended by physicians
  • Continuous & gentle stretching

Read more about the Phallosan Forte here.

Pros & Cons of the device


  • 100% Discreet
  • 100% Safe
  • Clinically proven results
  • Wear it under your cloth and live your life normally
  • No time loss due to training routine
  • Soft and gentle
  • It works with nearly every penis


  • Not the cheapest product on the market

 Size Genetics extender

Size GeneticsSize Genetics penis extender is a device that was nominated product of the year in 2013. A device that has been on the market for an extended period of time and is well known for the comfort and ease you get from using this device. 

Flexible medically approved materials are used in the manufacturing of Size Genetics penis extenders, thus allowing you to make use of this device without getting skin rashes or friction burns on one of the most sensitive organs your body possess; your penis.

 Research has proven that with regular use of Size Genetics penis extenders growth is achieved over time. Using this device daily has proven that it has helped 1000`s of men gain a few extra inches in penis size according to their requirements.

 Since being launched on the market, Size Genetic penis enlarges has maintained their quality and performance successfully throughout the years. Having been featured in various magazines, talk shows, and online shopping websites, Size Genetics is one device that has really lived up to its promises.

 Final penis sizes can vary from man to man depending on daily durations of use over an extended period of time, to the amount of intensity used to improve traction and gain quicker longer results.

 Using Size Genetics penis extending devices can be similarly compared to someone spending time in the gym to increase their muscle size. With continuous use of weights and increased muscle intensity, bigger arms or legs are achieved over a period of time. This works similarly for your penis, the more you make use of our Size Genetics devices, the quicker you will get bigger penis results without the use of steroids or illegal substances that damage your kidneys or liver. 

So what are you waiting for? Order your Size Genetics penis enlarger now for bigger penis results.

Pros & Cons of the device


  • Non-Surgical Penis Extension
  • Curvature Correction
  • Proven to extend the size
  • Discreet
  • Every penis size fits
  • Cheaper price


  • Not as effective as the Phallosan Forte

X4 Labs Extender

X4 LabsX4 Labs has been branded one of the market leaders in penis extender brands and offers a massive selection of pricey to cheap device price ranges. X4 Labs penis enlargers provide a service device to all wallet size budgets from students to company executives. Small budgets would buy a starter kit which will provide minimal and longer-term enlargement processes, whereas moving up to the pricier devices will ensure a much more rapid result in huge penis sizes.

 X4 Labs offers a universal variety of upgrades that can be attached to other name brand penis extender products for ease of use and extended comfort, thus allowing the user to continue wearing the X4 labs penis extender without any penis irritations. 

Our X4 Labs penis extender is rated no.1 in men choosing to purchase penis extension devices. Men with penis sizes of all sorts can use X4 Labs with peace of mind knowing that every penis has a chance of growing with the regular use of this product. 

X4 Labs penis enlarger can be bought over the counter without a prescription and is clinically proven through numerous research studies across the globe. Now there is no need to seek out expensive medical surgical procedures to gain a few inches in penis size. X4 Labs is the product recommended for you to correct your micropenis size or straightening of your banana-shaped penis. All penis sizes can be achieved over a period of scheduled times of use. Peyronie`s Disease is a major cause of the small penis syndrome and this affects millions of men around the world. This disease is also a big player in blowing men’s self-confidence before sexual intercourse.

 Take back your self-confidence and invest in an X4 Labs penis enlarger for greater sexual pleasure and masculine confidence.

Read our X4 Labs Review now.

 Male Edge

Male EdgeMale Edge penis enlargement devices are 2nd generation devices that improve the size of your penis, leaving you more confident about yourself and dropping your pants before sexual intercourse.

The ORIGNAL Male Edge extenders are manufactured in Denmark and possess the same durable materials used in other penis enlargers. With scam artists always looking for a new product to copy and use harmful materials to manufacture such products, great care should be taken as not to be caught out buying one of these fake products.

Male Edge manufacturers do warn customers about purchasing their product from non-licensed stores as they cannot guarantee results or that you will or will not permanently cause any damage to your penis. Be very careful about fake ads advertising this product cheaper than what it’s actually worth. You have been WARNED.

Industry approved clinical trials have shown a great increase in penis length and penis thickness over extended periods of using Male Edge Penis Extenders. Increases in length, as well as huge reductions on banana curved penises, have also been reported through medically approved clinical trials.

Improving your self-confidence and putting a smile on your face are some of the intended goals of the designers behind the manufacturing of Male Edge extenders. Your sex life is another area where you will see and feel greater benefits. A woman will respect you more for your larger penis and you will not be shy again to allow a woman to massage your penis before intercourse.

The very same way that you set aside a routine daily to attend the gym to pack on more muscle, similarly a routine can be set up daily for you to make use of your Male Edge Penis Extender. Just like lifting weights and performing various exercises to build different muscles, so does Male extenders work to improve your penis size but with minimal effort from your side.

What Exactly Is A Penis Extender Device? 

Penis extenders are techniques established on traction that has been used in the medical world for many decades. Penis extenders can also assist with rectifying banana or curvy shaped penises. 

Penis extenders have been the talk of the town over the past few decades, due to the fact that they actually work by stretching your penis and thus boosting the growth of your penis in length.

 Globally there has been numerous research studies carried out by professionals in both the medical and scientific fields about the long-term implications and benefits of such devices. In comparison, each study proved to come up with the same results confirming actual penis enlargement over a period of time.

Do Penis Stretchers Work (for any man)? 

 The famous Web Medical Doctor has approved that regular use of penis extenders do work but over extended periods of use. As mentioned over and over again, this method is very similar to weightlifting in a gym, but this time for your penis and with less physical effort on your part.

Penis enlarging devices have been proven over and over again through various medical trials that using these devices daily, for a couple of hours can and will give you results, over an extended period of time.

It has been admitted that it is a long journey but worth the wait if your small penis is breaking your self-confidence or bringing your sex life down to 1 or two sessions and leaving you shy to reveal your mini penis.

Stretching your penis through the use of penis extension devices works by healing stretched tissue, and repeating the process of splitting the tissues surrounding your penis and duplicating it as often as you make use of these devices.

Guaranteeing that over time, you will definitely see some sort of gain in penis length and thickness. Permanent fixed results will definitely boost your confidence and put a huge smile on your face knowing that you now have a bigger penis.

What results can I expect from a Penis Traction Device?

 Satisfied customers have seen results of 0.7 inches in less than 4 months of daily use of penis extender devices.

“Do these devices really work?” should be the last question you should be asking yourself after such amazing results without undergoing tedious and painful surgery.

You can count on our word to reassure you that penis enlargement results will definitely be experienced.

Now to actually have the option of using a safe to use, guaranteed result producing device on your hands is within reach. Fear no more, increase your self-confidence and start enjoying an amazing sex life with our great products.

Are They 100% Safe to use? 

Penis extending devices are 100% safe to use as long as you follow the directions of use as per the devices instruction manuals. They can be used behind closed doors where nobody would disturb you, so you have ample time to follow all guidelines and instructions correctly. Making a mistake or misreading instructions will be the customers own bad judgment and the company will not be held liable for any such mistakes. Customers are always advised to seek assistance from the place of purchase to avoid any issues at a later stage. If they are the shy type, then online forums can be joined to anonymously gain the information that they require. 

Our Tips on How to Use A Penis Stretcher Properly and Effectively 

As a rule of thumb, DO NOT OVERUSE Penis Extenders. Using such devices over 8 hours per day can cause you some serious harm. Don’t be the first fool to find out what happens to your penis from overuse and overstretching your organ. I bet you will be the talk of the town if you are rushed to a hospital emergency ward with traction burns or a bleeding penis. Strictly adhere to the guidelines and avoid any injury and save yourself from any embarrassment in future.

 To make use of the correct penis stretching technique, use a medium amount of force to keep your penis at a fully erected length and then add a slight stretch to it, thus allowing your penis to feel like its growing already.

If pain is felt in your penis when you do this process, then STOP the process and try to slightly loosen the stretch of your penis until the pain stops completely. Remember that this should be a comfortable and pain-free process.

Set up a daily routine of a couple of hours and be patient with the process. Time and patience are very much needed when expecting results from these devices.

Issues User Encounter With the Products 

Some men have reportedly experienced problems when using different penis extender devices. Problems experienced have ranged from cuts and scratches to pinches which have caused blue marks on their penises. Regrettably, these customers have given bad reviews on various sites online, giving these amazing devices a bad reputation. Some men have stopped using such devices for their own personal safety and have had their money fully refunded.

 A handful of men have been reported to have had hard erections for an over extended period of time after using such devices, however, have also confirmed that their penises eventually go back to normal once the excitement wears off.

Penile Traction Therapy & Peyronie’s Disease

In recent years Penis Traction Therapy has gained a large audience from men struggling with Peyronie`s disease as well as curved penis syndrome all around the globe. This nonsurgical advancement has attracted millions to seek out this sort of help to improve their penis lengths and thicknesses.

This method of penis enlargement is easy to use and more cost effective to men who have all sorts of budgets. If you have the patience and can withstand months of routine guideline following, and hours of having a penis extender attached to your manhood, then this process will work wonders for you. You might gain a few greys hairs in the process, but a bigger and longer penis is definitely guaranteed. The process is meant to be pain-free when used according to the guidelines and instructions from the manufacturer.

In the cases of Peyronie`s disease or curved penis syndrome, this technique of traction therapy has been clinically tested and proven through extensive clinical trials that prove its effectiveness in penis enlargement. Penis size gains of 0.5 to 0.7 inches have been experienced by men taking part in these clinically approved trials.

Finally, the long wait, wonder, and stress is over, say goodbye to tiny and curved penises forever. These great products are now made available, in order for you to make use of, in the comfort of your own home, without the embarrassment of having to undergo expensive invasive surgical procedures that require you to take extended periods of time off work.

It is recommended that a penis enlarger is used for 2 to 4 hours on a daily basis for at least a minimum period of 6 months to see any changes, depending on length and thickness wanted. Further prolonged use can be continued if longer penis sizes are required. 

Our Buyers Guide – What to keep in mind?

If you have been on the lookout to get your small penis to extend to a longer or thicker size is for some time now, look no further as we have 4 great devices that will give you the results and edge that you are seeking over a period of time on a routine schedule. 

Is your small or micropenis causing your self-confidence to drop every time you plan on having sex with your partner? What about those steamy last minute quickies, do they cause you any fear? Fear of rejection or fear of your new partner laughing at your small penis or maybe fear that your small penis will not be as effective in the bedroom. Well, fear no more as our penis extenders will guarantee an extension and boost your self-confidence in the sack. 

We assure each of our customers that they will get a full refund with No Questions Asked, should they be unhappy with any of the penis enlargement devices that they have purchased. 

We stock a large number of replacement devices, parts, attachments and detailed instruction manuals for your ease of use. Should we run out of stock, we will gladly deliver or post your device to you at no extra cost to you.

 All our instruction and guideline manuals come as standard in the English language as well as in Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Dutch and Gaelic. 

We ensure you that the device you opt to purchase will have no defects and be a sealed package when received. The device will also be posted and delivered in an unmarked brown box package in order to keep the contents confidential at all times. Giving you peace of mind right from the beginning of your purchase right up to the time when you receive it in the post.

Testimonials from real users 

  • “Thank you for a great device, it has definitely made a difference in my penis length.” 
  • “My sex life has improved so much more! Thank you” 
  • “I would definitely recommend using a penis enlarger, it takes time for results to show, but it works if you`re patient enough”
  •  “X4 Labs has worked for me, try it and be amazed by real results” 
  • “I was skeptical at first, but after reading up on reviews and asking many questions on various forums, I can happily reveal to you that my penis has grown 0.5 inches thus far” 
  • “Amazing product never thought I would be writing a positive review here on your website. Thanks for the excellent service you have provided me with as well!”

To put it all together – Our summary 

So if your self-confidence is affecting your sex life due to the small size of your penis, get in touch with us NOW, for free no obligation advice or if you prefer to purchase any one of our four penis enlargers, please do so NOW.

We take it you have enjoyed the journey of reading all our informative information about penis extenders.

The invaluable expertise and clinically proven tests that gives you the reassurance that our devices work should entice you to invest in one of our devices and set you off on a life-changing journey of a lifetime.

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