Phallosan Forte Review 2018 – What gains to expect?

Product picture in whiteIn this Phallosan Forte review, we’ll discuss how you can achieve a larger penis by using a penis stretching device. The penis stretcher is an ingenious device which combines traction and vacuum technology for a bigger penis. Besides, you can wear it under your clothes discreetly, move around without attracting attention, and even sleep in it.

What Exactly Is Phallosan® Forte?

Usage of the penis extenderPhallosan is a medically certified penis device that doctors worldwide prescribe for treating various sexual performance issues in men. In 2001, a German company called Swiss Sana invented this patented penis extender. It’s one of the few extenders approved by FDA. It functions like a combination of Bathmate which uses vacuum pump technology, and the SizeGenetics device which gently “stretches” the penis to a longer length. Its design is different from other traditional penis extenders and provides comfort without compromising on results.

How does the Phallosan Forte work?

This penis extender works by pulling the penis away from the pelvic bone via the glans (tip of the penis), making it lengthen and gain size. The constant pulling force allows cell division in the penis tissue making it bigger. The amount of time you spend using the device is important as cell division is a slow process.

Phallosan is Backed by Clinical Studies

Apart from offering men the ability to increase both length and girth, the design of this penis extender also helps relieve penile curvature, and help reduce erectile dysfunction in men with diabetes.

Here are other medical issues this device solves:

  1. Prostrate surgery – Is ideal for the post-operative procedure after prostate surgery to help regain sexual function.
  2. Retraction penis – In case of obesity, the penis withdraws back to the subcutaneous fat. This makes it impossible to engage in any sexual activity. This is helpful for individuals who find it difficult to lose weight.
  3. Innate incurvate penis – Almost 5% of men suffer from an extreme incurvate penis which affects their sex life. A penis extender is the best alternative to any operative treatment.

Our guide: How to use the Penis extender correctly

Penis extenders are a bliss if you know how to use them properly. If you have never used one before, try the manual penis exercises to get an idea how the stretch will feel when applied to your penis.

Before you start, read the manual first and try to assemble the device, change bells, sleeves, and pump.

  1. Once you are ready, ensure your penis is flaccid (below 20% hardness).
  2. Attach the penis to the protector cap.
  3. While taking the glass bell, roll over the rubber condom and fit the head of your penis. The pressure will hold the penis in place. To attach, use a bell or vacuum suction cup to fit tightly on the penis head.
  4. Hook the gripping mechanism to the orthopedic belt and adjust it to its longest length using the buckle.
  5. The enclosed measuring template will help you know your accurate suction bell size. Position your flaccid penis away from your trunk to measure its shaft.
  6. In case of discomfort, use a 3-way valve.

How many hours should I wear it to see results?

You can wear the penis extender 6 to 8 hours, for 5 or 6 days a week. If you’re new to penis extenders, don’t use one for more than 4 hours in the first week. Given the scientific reasons for growth, you’ll also need to give your penis time to recover and grow hence the one or two off days a week. Phallosan recommends a total 1000 hours to see noticeable results.

Wear it day or night – Your Choice

One of the main benefits of the Phallosan Forte penis extender is you can wear it while asleep, which is impossible with other traction devices. You can wear it for 8 hours allowing you to maximize the gains. Despite feeling the belt around your waist, you can lie comfortably on your back or on either side. But sleeping on your stomach may be tricky. The elastic belt allows movement of the body, reducing tension or pulling against your skin.

Some men cannot wear the penis extender while sleeping so doing everyday tasks while wearing the device is a better option. The device is hardly visible under your clothes, and neither does it interfere much with your normal movements. You can cook, do dishes or work on your computer with ease.

Advantages over other penis extenders?

List of Advantages of the extenderThere are several reasons why Phallosan Forte penis extender is better than traditional penis extenders such as Sizegenetics, Male Edge, X4 labs and Jes Extender.

Usage of the penile traction deviceFor starters it’s more comfortable to wear as it doesn’t have the painful noose system that other penis extenders have. You can also wear it discreetly under your clothes allowing you to work, go on a date or walk in public without attracting attention.

Another advantage is you can wear it while sleeping. This huge benefit allows you to make progress while asleep and helps meet your daily quota. The bulky frame of conventional extenders makes it difficult to sleep in them.

Traditional extenders have mechanical components and penis head straps that squeeze your penis uncomfortably. The Phallosan uses a condom to apply pressure to your entire penis to hold it in place.


  • Comfortable and pain-free.
  • Method is based on findings in new cell and tissue formation induced by mechanical stretching.
  • Continuous & gentle stretching
  • Proven to work.
  • Can increase both length and girth.
  • You can wear it in your sleep.
  • You can wear it discreetly under your clothes.
  • Easy to put on once you get the hang of it.
  • Recommended by physicians.


  • You have to take it off if you need to use the toilet.
  • It’s only available in medical stores.
  • It’s quite expensive.

What gains and results can I expect?

This answer will depend on an individual. You’ll need to be consistent while using it to see any results. The longer you wear it the higher the gains. If you take too much time off in a week, your weekly average and time spent will reduce. The average phallosan forte gains accumulate to affect your overall monthly results.

A German Urology clinic conducted a clinical study on the penis extender and found it took at least 6 months to achieve a 2-inch increase on a non-erect penis, and a 1.47-inch increase in an erect state. You will also see permanent results after 6 months.

Table of gains and results after wearing the traction deviceDoes the device have side effects?

Always use the enclosed protector cap to cover the glans and exert slight pressure to prevent effects such as swelling of the glans, blisters, and reddening. Excess pull on the orthopedic belt may also cause reddening. Other side effects include pain, numbness, itching, discoloration and bruising.

Phallosan Testimonials – Real opinions

  • "I am 24 from Canada, and I have been trying to enlarge my penis since I was 20. This journey has seen me experiment with different penis pumps, pills, and extenders. Most guys already know pills don’t work, so don’t bother wasting your money on them. Four months ago I decided to use Phallosan and the amazing part is I could sleep in the device. I have since gained .70 in length and .30 in girth. I still want to add more length so I will keep using the device." Kyle, Canada.
  • "Bought the penis extender one year ago and already love the results. I have tried various extenders in the past and the result was a painful penis as my glans would get sore after a few hours of use. Attaching this device to the penis is a clever piece of ingenuity and I have already made more gains than expected. It may not be perfect but it gets the job done in a comfortable and easy way." Richard, London

Do we recommend the Phallosan Forte?

Yes! This Phallosan Forte review proves that with dedication and effort, you can gain the desired results for a bigger penis in only six months. Besides, this penis extender is an excellent innovative device that will help you gain confidence and be comfortable with your penis. Remember that penis extension is a marathon, not a sprint. Phallosan forte gains will depend on how long you wear the device, rather than the device itself.

Other penis extender

Even though we at "Hautelush" prefer the Phallosan and chose it as the test winner, there are men who find other penis extenders better. On the following page we have prepared an overview of the best penile traction devices on the market. You are sure to find what you are looking for!