X4 Labs Penis Extender Review 2018

X4 Labs

A large variety of penis extender traction devices are being sold globally over the World Wide Web, in sex shops and in other forms of literature. Men are literally being bombarded from all angles to buy a penis extender device, but as a newbie, you probably feel unsure of which device to choose that will do the job you need it to do. X4 Labs extender is a device that has been specifically designed to help you see your penis grow in size over a period of time. Give it a try for 6 months and watch your penis grow in size. Our X4 Labs device will ensure you smile for longer knowing that you can drop your pants for any women without doubting if your penis is long enough or thick enough. Now you can have that added bounce in your step, knowing that you can get into bed with any women and have the confidence that your penis is big enough to satisfy any women, at any time. Don’t be shy, give us a try.

What Is The X4 Labs Extender?

X4 Labs is a penis extender that helps men with small penis syndrome or curved banana shaped penises, to overcome their endless worry about their penis size. It’s a traction device that has 3 different settings that allow you to comfortably adjust the level of comfort to your needs. This device has been clinically tried and tested through various medical trials and has been proven to show an extension in penis length in all medically proven trials. Millions of satisfied owners of an X4 Labs extender have confirmed that their penises have stretched over time, usually a   month period, giving them the results that they were seeking. This penis extending device works with traction which ensures your penis is being stretched away from your body into a longer size. Built from memory foam which is a soft and tender material, that allows you to wear your penis extending device over longer periods of time without noticing that you’re wearing a device.

Functions of the penis extenderHow Does The Extender Work?

By safely attaching the X4 Labs penis extender to your penis, you adjust the device to the required comfortable level and then stretch the device to a point where it can be tightened in order for it to be as effective as need be. It is recommended that the device is worn for a couple of hours daily in order to see results over a period of time. As the device has 3 different settings, you can adjust it to a looser or tighter stretch depending on your need and the period of time you are seeking to see results.

Does It Work Better Than Its Competition?

The simple answer to this question is: YES it works better and faster than most similar devices on the market today.

Through clinically tried and tested trials we can assure you that our X4 Labs penis extender will give you guaranteed results or your money back with no long explanations needed. Our word is our word. Why not get your X4Labs device today?

Explanation of the deviceAdvantages

  • The X4 Labs device comes with numerous straps and pads to make your penis enlargement journey as comfortable as possible.
  • Are you lacking the time to spend sitting around a couple of hours each day to see results from using your device, worry no more as X4 Labs penis extender allows you to wear the device on you while carrying on with your day to day activities. Nobody but you will know that you are wearing the device underneath your clothing. Now nobody will notice you getting your penis extended while in a corporate meeting or working on a construction site.
  • Men with banana shaped or micro-sized penis now have a possible new outlook on how to overcome their diseases
  • Men who possess the extra piece of skin of an uncircumcised penis fear not as this device can assist you with penis growth as well


With this device, there is only one disadvantage and it’s that of, slipping off your penis. Not having a slip-proof grip does not guarantee that the device will remain on your penis while you’re out and about doing your day to day activities. Resetting and adjusting the device once it has slipped off is all that is required for the device to function again as normal. This is not a scenario that happens often, however, it is something to be aware of, should it happen to you.

 X4 Labs Extender Results And Gains

If expensive, painful and costly medical procedures are not something that you want to go through to see a gain in penis length, then an investment in our X4 Labs extender is definitely worth your budget. With tried and tested medical trials from the device’s manufacturer you can rest assured that you WILL gain extra length in your penis size, between 35% and 40% over a period of six months of daily usage. By using the penis extender for 6 months, not only will the length of your penis increase, but also an increase in the thickness of your penis can be noticed. Your banana shaped penis will also see a significant change in the way that you will begin to experience a Boner, putting your mind at ease and assuring you that the results are permanent. Now being shy to let your penis out with the lights off, can be a thing of the past. Lights on or lights off, a bigger penis will definitely give you the confidence to drop your trousers at your next opportunity for a sexual encounter.


“I was not sure that this device could do anything, but after using it for 6 months, Wow the results are amazing!” 

“As a player who changes his women every so often, I now am even more confident with the results I have experienced.”

“Both my wife and I are making the most of our sex life these days! Thank you” 

“At first I got agitated as I had not seen any results after 4 months, I decided to give it a shot for a further 2 months and YES I have seen results. Your device has definitely won me over.”

 “I never believed in these types of products before, until my wife bought me one for my 30th birthday. Great results”

Final Verdict – Our Summary

If improving your self-esteem in the bedroom is what you`re seeking, then look no further than the amazing X4 Labs penis extender to give you the results that you’re looking for. Give your sex life a boost with the added self-confidence you’ll gain from using our X4 Labs penis extenders.

Now that you have all the clinically proven research and results at your disposal, why not order your X4 Labs extender device from us today, for a guaranteed extension of your penis size or a 6-month money back guarantee. Either way, it’s a win, win situation. Think about it, even after using it for the duration of time we recommend and you’re still unsatisfied, you’ll still get back all the money you’ve invested.

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