Bathmate review and results – Our Guide 2018

Hercules and PackageBathmate has been the market leader in the penis enlargement industry for decades to date. Countless men across the globe have reported gains in penis size as well as much stronger erections through the use of bathmate penis pump.

The product line – Which one should I pick?

Based on the details below are the recommended products for your needs:

We recommend as a beginner, the beginner bathmate range. The Hercules series can assist in penis enlargement from current sizes of between 4 to 7 inches (10cm to 17cm). Your second choice in the beginner range would be the Goliath series that helps with penis sizes of 7 to 9 inches (7cm to 22cm).

The Hydromax X- series is recommended for intermediate users with 3 different products for 3 different current penis sizes.

  • The first bathmate product is the X20, with a range of between 0 inches to 4 inches (0 to 10cm).
  • The second intermediate product is the X30 recommended for penis sizes of between 4 to 7 inches (10cm to 17cm).
  • Lastly in the Hydromax X series is the X40 which would work best for penis sizes of 7 to 9 inches (7cm to 22cm).

Hercules in blue, white and redFor a more advanced product and clientele, we recommend using the Advanced Hydromax Extreme-series:

  • The advanced XX20 is best suited for sizes of between 0 inches to 4 inches (0 to 10cm)
  • The advanced XX30 would be recommended for sizes of 4 to 7 inches (10cm to 17cm)
  • The advanced XX40 works best for sizes of 7 to 9 inches (7cm to 22cm)
  • Last but not least in the Hydromax X series is the XX50 that works best for sizes above 9 inches and above 22cm.

How does Bathmate work?

Penis extender pumps around the world, especially Bathmate, functions using suction from the penis pump and in turn boosts the growth of your penis size. This function pushes extensive amounts of blood towards the head of the penis, thus forcing the penis to grow in length.  This process, if repeated over a period of time can also extend erection times.

This is how a penis pump in general works

The usage of a Bathmate penis pump with the help of the suction created by the unit creates small tears in the tissue that assists with growth size. Each time small tears are created, what follows is the repair of tissue via growth cells, thus the results of a larger and thicker penis are experienced.

Does it even work?

Different colored Penis PumpsThe most straightforward answer to this question is a big Yes! Bathmate products do work wonders over a period of time, giving you the results you are seeking with an extensive usage period.

Immediate gains

  • Results can be seen after a short usage of 5min to 10 min, however, for more permanent results a longer period of usage is needed
  • This short period of using the Bathmate penis pump can also prove to you that a difference in a stronger erection can be experienced

Permanent gains

  • Longer usage times are needed to see more permanent results
  • A permanent gain is guaranteed or your money back

How to use the Bathmate Penis Pump – Our guide

  1. Use your bathmate where water is readily available, like in the bathtub, close to a washbasin or in the shower
  2. Make sure that you place a finger over the vent above so that water does not escape from the pump
  3. Fill the bathmate penis pump with water that’s slightly warmer than your body temperature in order for the device to function more effectively
  4. Push the device into place on your penis and pump a few times to allow water to escape, thus creating suction on your penis. Allow up to 10-second intervals before pumping water out of penis pump chamber. Make sure that the amount of suction being experienced on your penis is of a comfortable level
  5. Pump every couple of minutes in order hold the correct level of suction for the entire duration of usage
  6. If too much suction is being experienced and your penis feels like its suffocating, just adjust vent on penis pump to allow some pressure to be released
  7. After usage of up to 20 minutes, open air vent, and release pressure, then comfortably remove penis pump

What will Bathmate do for me?

By using a bathmate penis pump you are guaranteed a larger, thicker and stronger penis giving you permanent results with regular usage of up to 6 days per week. The more time you put into using these great products, the quicker you will see some amazing results.  A stronger erection and an end to erectile dysfunction will be experienced immediately. Use bathmate before sex and experience a stronger and harder erection to put more enjoyment in your sex life.

Is it 100% safe – Does it have side effects?

Bathmate is totally safe and the only side effects, that you are guaranteed to experience is a growth in your penis size, length, and a harder erection.

Pros and Cons of the Pump


  • Immediate and permanent results will be experienced guaranteed.
  • Millions of worldwide users of the bathmate product line have given positive feedback on penis thickness and length gains with extensive usage
  • You are finally able to bid farewell to erectile dysfunction and curved or a banana-shaped penis


  • The chamber of the penis pump is a snug fit which turns out to be negative as your penis quickly grows in size, thus requiring you to have to purchase a larger bathmate product in a short space of time.
  • At the beginning of usage especially for first time users, the seal between your body and the pump can be a bit tricky as it does not provide a solid seal
  • A build-up of calcium can be seen in the pump if it hasn’t been washed properly

Testimonials from real users

  • I have been using my Bathmate penis pump for over 3 months now and have seen some awesome results so far. My penis has become thicker and also grown by a few inches, which puts a huge smile on my face. The before and after results are really not what I’ve expected. Unbelievable if you ask me. I never thought that it would actually work as it has. Thank you for a great product!
  • Whipping out my penis for intercourse caused me fear every time I got with a woman for the night. Being a bit of a player, not short of self-confidence, but my micro-sized penis almost always put a dent in my confidence levels. Thanks to your bathmate penis pump, I have actually and honestly seen results in the growth in length and the thickness of my penis. Now getting my groove on doesn’t freeze me up anymore. Goodbye micropenis and Hello to my growing penis!
  • My girlfriend has an even bigger smile on her face these days after we have sex. She obviously doesn’t know that I have invested in a penis pump for myself. It also gives me a rock hard erection when I use it before intercourse. Great invention.

Our Final Thoughts: Does Bathmate Work?

As mentioned before this product actually does what it says it will do, with permanent results. Previous customers reveal to you how good this product is, don’t just take our word for it, check out our reviews section for Happy clients who have experienced a much more happier sex life and a bigger boost in their self-confidence. All that’s needed right now is for you to purchase your very own penis pump to see the results for yourself.

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