HydroMax X-Series (x20, x30, x40) – Review & Guide 2018

X20 in blueWelcome to the site that will make your dreams of a larger penis come true. Look no further than our HydroMax series of devices. Browse through our site and purchase your device now for quicker more permanent results

What Is the Bathmate Hydromax?

The Hydromax X series penis pump is the forerunner of the penis enlargement device leaders on the market. It is a water-based product that uses nothing more than plain and simple tap water to give you some amazing penis growth sizes. Unlike most similar products that use air as a means of helping you gain a few extra inches, the HydroMax X series is entirely water-based. Armed with just your penis pump, a cylinder filled with water, a closed vent and your penis slipped into a snug fit, you can begin pumping your device for the correct level of vacuum so that your penis feels like its being stretched.  Always ensure that you aren’t pumping your device to the maximum pressure level so as not to injure and bruise your penis, as this can be painful for extensive periods of time.

Overview of the Hydromax X-Series

X-Series in blue, red and white

  • X20

    This series of penis pump is the most efficient of all penis pumps, specifically designed for men with very small to micro-sized penises. The embarrassment and low confidence this penis size brings is a serious issue for millions of unlucky men born with this condition. Luckily the HydroMax X20 has been designed to assist men with this problem and give them a flair for higher confidence and an increase of their penis size and give them that extra bit of power under the sheets. This amazing device gives you quicker results with its boosted suction capability which makes it highly effective if you suffer from small penis syndrome. A comfortable design that keeps skin irritation and allergies at bay giving you added time to get to the business of enlarging your penis. Get your personal one now.

  • X30

    HydroMax X30 purely uses water to create a suction that enables a solid seal around your penis head and pushes a ring down your penis to ensure a tighter fit. Each time water in the cylinder is removed, your penis automatically begins to increase in size. Water also works well in creating a softer touch towards your penis, thus expanding your penis with no pain. With a routine use of this penis pump, you can be assured that you will have an added bounce in your step, knowing full well that your penis size is growing.

  • X40

    This is the top of the range penis pump of the series. It does all of the size and length improvement in the shortest space of time when used as regularly as 6 days per week. Short-term results can be noticed immediately even as early as 5 min into your very first session of using your penis pump. It’s a great device to explore with if your penis size is above 7 inches long. An immediate bulge can be experienced once you put your underwear on, giving you added confidence and a huge smile with a knowing that your penis has actually grown a bit bigger in such a short space of time. This makes for short-term benefits, however much regular and longer-term use will ensure that the big bulge in your trouser stays there permanently. Your partner will love you even more with that added bit of thickness and length.


How Does HydroMax X- Series Work?

HydroMax X series purely uses water to create a vacuum that enables a solid seal around your penis head. Each time, water in the chamber is removed; the suction in the cylinder increases and helps your penis to automatically increase in size. Water also works well in creating a softer touch towards your penis, thus expanding your penis with no pain.

What Makes this Water Penis Pumps so Special?

These pumps provide over 30% more vacuum power than other penis pumps on the market, which gives you the confidence, that enlargement can be experienced in the least amount of time. This series of penis pumps have unique designs such as allowing the device to rotate fully and give you the option of making adjustments to suit your comfort level as well as single-handedly work with the device if needed. These devices have surely been designed differently from the herd of devices being sold on the market in this day and age.


  • Your sex life will be given a big boost through your new found self-confidence
  • A change in penis size and length can be experienced in a matter of a few minutes
  • A money back guarantee without any unnecessary hassles
  • Orgasms after orgasm and solid rock hard erections
  • Full instruction and user manual gives you the confidence that anyone can literally follow the easy to use steps to ensure growth in penis size
  • Much more cost effective than painful surgery


  • Does not assist in rectifying curved or banana-shaped penises
  • Much pricier than other penis enlargers available on the market

What Will HydroMax X-series Do for the User?

X30 in white and black packageThe HydroMax X series has specifically been designed to repair all types of irregular erectile functions. Extensive use of these devices ensures that any current irregular erections and curved penis issues are ironed out in a shorter space of time. With the higher level of over 30% of suction power, you can rest assured that you will gain visible results that will shock you. An abundance of satisfied customers has given 1000s of positive reviews on a great product range and top class results in penis size and length.

How Fast Can You Expect Changes to happen?

Changes in penis size and length will gradually happen in time, just like going to the gym and working out to get a more muscular body. This process of muscle growth happens over time with a continuous exercise routine. So too an exercise routine needs to be adhered to in order to experience the full results of what this penis extender can do for you. So next time you work out your penis, bear in mind that in a couple of months you will have experienced permanent results and a larger penis.

Temporary Results

Temporary results can be noticed after just 5 minutes of use. You will notice the immediate thickness and slightly increased length of your penis instantly. These results are seen immediately but will soon disappear after around 24 hours as a more permanent look will require a couple of months of 4 to 6 days of penis pumping to see more permanent results. Surely to give this device a try and see for yourself if it gives results, why not purchase one today and if you don’t feel entirely satisfied you can send the device back for a full refund.

Permanent Results

More fixed and permanent results can be achieved through the continuous use of HydroMax X series devices by working on a daily routine of 4-6 days per week, bearing in mind that you should give your penis a day or two of rest in between. Just like doing a workout to develop body muscles and taking a break every so often, so too does your penis also need a bit of rest. After a couple of months of routine usage, much more fixed results will be noticed. As with this type routine penis enlargement processes, much quicker results will be able to be achieved as these devices are capable of producing over 30% of added suction which will boost your growth size permanently.

How long does Shipping take?

We ship your package as soon as an order is placed giving you the peace of mind that your device will be delivered to you in a remarkably fast time frame. Our courier service ensures that packages are delivered in a safe and secure packaging that is also discreet and does not give any indication of what the package contains. Don’t worry nobody will find out that you’ve placed an order for a penis pump. Now you can rest assured that only you will be aware of your purchase.

Is it absolutely safe to use?

As long as these devices are used with caution and as per instruction manuals and guidelines than everything should be fine. Every care has been taken to ensure that you as the end user have all the necessary guidance and information needed to proceed on an amazing journey. Lastly, specially designed materials have been used in the manufacturing of these devices to ensure that you will not have any sort of skin irritation or rashes of any kind.

Summary & Final Thoughts of the hydro penis pump

HydroMax series penis pumps are some of the highest selling devices in the world. With its added features and benefits you can be assured that you’ll be purchasing a top quality product that gives you the results that you have long been waiting for. Don’t wait any longer, order your penis pump now for a bigger and thicker penis and a higher level of confidence.

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