Penomet review and results 2018 – The Before and After Analyis

Penis Pump in blueDue to the amazing results, the Penomet pump has produced over the years, it has gained a large chunk of market share, making it a product that’s worth investing in. Regular use of Penomet will ensure permanent results that are mind-blowing.

What exactly is the Penomet

Penomet pump is a water-based penis enlargement device which has only been available for around 5 years but has had a massive impact on the market.

What is the Penomet penis pump for?

The Penomet penis pump is a useful device to help with erectile dysfunction, banana-shaped penises and someone looking to increase their penis size in general. Struggling with low self-confidence or a micro-sized penis, then look no further as Penomet pump will give you the gains and results you are seeking.

How does it work?

The Penomet works almost identically to similar products on the market, the penis pump suction pressure pushes blood to the top of the penis, thus causing little tears in penis tissue and the end result is that the tissue gets repaired by the body’s natural healing abilities and also presents a permanent growth of your penis size and length.High technology Penis Pump

Why do water-based Pumps work so effective?

The effectiveness of water-based pumps owes its credit to the water itself for creating a vacuum that helps in the process of penis enlargement. H2O the natural stuff we get out of our taps to create lower pressure, hence its effectiveness

What Results and Gains to expect?

Short Term

Harder and longer erections can quickly be experienced, but can soon go back to your normal performance after not using it for longer periods of time. The thickness of the penis can be noticed in just a couple of weeks of use, but once this routine stops then the penis will go back to its usual size.


By using the Penomet penis pump over a short period of time you are guaranteed that the results you are wanting will not be permanent. However, making sure that you follow a strict routine on a regular basis will ensure that penis workouts will be met with permanent results. Similar to taking a long run on a daily basis that helps build up your calve muscles, so too does your penis grow in size and length when the penis pump is used regularly. Not only will a difference be noticed in the length of your penis but also the thickness of your penis will increase after regular long-term usage. Why not consider buying one today and begin your journey to a life-altering experience?

Our guide on how to use the Penomet pump

  • Apply a lubricant such as Vaseline to your penis and push into the penis pump cylinder and make sure that a good seal is achieved
  • Make sure that the vent is closed so as not to allow water to escape from the chamber
  • Slip ring to the bottom of your penis as soon as your penis is erected. Once this is achieved, then the blood flow within your penis will keep a solid erection and work at enlarging your penis

What are the Penomet gaiters?

Gaiters work in a way that will give your penis size a faster boost in growth. Just like anything in life, a gradual build-up is needed before jumping on a faster way to boost growth. Penomet gaiters assist in pushing more blood to your penis, thus forcing it to grow quicker. Care should be taken so as not to begin using gaiters in the beginning as you would need to use a penis pump on its own for a while to get your penis used to the suction of the pump, before moving on to gaiters to help your penis grow faster and bigger in a shorter span of time.

A variety of 5 different gaiters are currently available to purchase on the market. They vary in colors and suction force, ranging from the strongest being the Force 80 which is red in color, Force 75 grey in color, Force 70 black in color, Force 65 blue in color and Force 60 purple in color and also at the top of the list for an entry level gaiter.

Safety and Side Effects

Generally, penis pump products are safe to use as long as you adhere to the guidelines outlined in the products user manual.  Since your penis is a sensitive organ, extreme care should be taken so that you do not injure yourself and cause permanent or long-term damage to your penis. Caution should be taken so as to give your penis a rest for a day or two before continuing your routine cycle. Some side effects of using your penis pump include:

  • Small bruises on the penis, that will eventually fade away in a couple of days after it has been used
  • Overuse of the penis pump will result in swelling of your penis and not allowing you to have intercourse or get a proper erection
  • Try to schedule a daily routine of a maximum of  no more than 20 minutes on a daily basis to avoid injuring your penis or causing your body any pain

Pros and Cons of the product


  • Regular use will show you results that are permanent
  • Gaiters can be attached for a harder suction if needed and you have built up a routine to get you to a level of being able to use these gaiter attachments
  • Water does not need to use in order to get results like other similar products on the market
  • Harder and longer erections can be experienced immediately after use, giving you a higher level of confidence


  • A very pricey product which does give good results
  • Pubic hair around penis needs to be shaved in order to get a better vacuum
  • Males who suffer from obesity will experience a tough time using a Penomet penis pump because of the extra fat in their stomach areas as getting a solid seal will prove almost impossible
  • The boredom of routine usage pushes many uses to stop using the product and not getting the results they once aspired to achieve
  • Most users stop using this penis pump and instead opt for readily available oral medication such as Cialis or viagra which gives them a quick boost in having a rock hard erection and lasting longer during sexual intercourse

Price and time of shipping

You have a choice of 3 different bundles:

  • 1 gaiter with a standard Penomet will cost you- $127
  • 3 gaiters with a Penomet extra will cost you- $197
  • A comfort strap with 5 gaiters and a Penomet premium costs- $297

Shipping will normally happen immediately after payment and takes less than a week in the US.

Real Testimonials from users

  • “Being the skeptic that I am, I was waiting for this product not to work as advertised, so that I could write a bad review and also catch out the company that manufactures this penis pump. To my surprise instead of writing a bad review, I am here giving it a thumbs up as it actually works well enough to see your penis gain a few inches.”
  • “My girlfriends satisfied with the results that her birthday gift investment for me has done.”
  • “Awesome device, I no longer have an embarrassing skew penis.”

Our summary – Does it work?

Our Penomet penis pump works as we advertise with no gimmicks or tricks to rip you off your hard earned cash.  Now here is an investment that will really pay off in the long run. Get the penis size and length result that you’ve always been wanting with our Penome penis pump. Hurry and order your pump now!

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