The Health Benefits Of Coconut Oil For Dogs

The health benefits of coconut oil has been well documented, and many individuals make coconut oil a part of the normal diet to enjoy these benefits. Many individuals are not fully aware of the health benefits of coconut oil for dogs. It is possible to greatly enhance the health of a dog and prevent it from falling sick by including coconut oil in its diet and by using it as a topical application whenever required. Here are some of the top health benefits of coconut oil for dogs that has been well documented.

Ideal Quantity That Can Be Included In The Diet

ideal quantity of coconut oilThe ideal quantity of coconut oil that can be included in a dogs diet is 1 tbsp for every 10 pounds of body weight. However, wet coconut oil is included in the diet for the first time it needs to be in small quantities to help the dog adjust itself to the new diet. This means that if you are starting off on a coconut oil diet, you need to begin with lesser quantities like quarter tbsp for every 10 pounds of body weight. As the dog gets used to this new diet, you can gradually increase the intake.

The Most Suitable Type Of Coconut Oil

Type Of Coconut OilThe most suitable type of coconut oil is undoubtedly virgin oil. It needs to be noted here that dogs generally do not like the flavour of coconut oil. Hence it needs to be introduced slowly in the diet. It is important to avoid any kind of chemically purified coconut oil, as it will not result in any health benefits to the dog. This variety of coconut oil is typically known in the market as refined. Bleached and deodorized. Choosing this variety of coconut oil for health benefits is certainly not a good idea.

Typically Observed Benefits From Use Of Coconut Oil

Benefits From Use Of Coconut Oil

  • Helps in the treatment of skin/ coat problems
  • Has proven results in healing of wounds and cuts
  • Helps in improving digestion and facilitates the absorption of nutrition
  • Treats information and arthritis in addition to helping bone grow stronger
  • Is useful in the treatment of ear infections

 Preventive Treatment For Maintaining The Skin/ Coat Of The Dog

Treatment For Maintaining The SkinCoconut oil can be used as a topical application on the skin/coat of a dog, which will help in preventing fleas and ticks from attaching to the dogs coat. Additionally coconut oil is known to improve the texture of the dogs coat. This can be achieved by rubbing an adequate quantity of coconut oil on the coat of the dog.

Treating Worms With Coconut Oil Or Dried Coconut

Treating Worms With Coconut OilAnother benefit of coconut oil that has been observed by pet owners is its ability to treat worms. This can be achieved by feeding the dog with dried coconut or by introducing coconut oil in its regular diet. Both will have similar results, and you can choose the best option depending on how your dog reacts to the flavor of coconut oil. For more information, visit at