How often do men masturbate

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How often do men masturbate – The average number guys do it

Male Masturbation – General Information

The times when adolescent men were told that masturbating made them blind, stupid or made their hands grow hair are fortunately long gone. But it gets even better: We tell them that masturbation is healthy and normal. And in contrast to the fairy tales just told, we can also rely on solid scientific facts.

First of all, what most guys think anyway can be confirmed: According to a men’s health survey, almost 100 percent of all men masturbate. That’s it! Because not only the satisfaction makes masturbating a nice pastime: If you masturbate (regularly), you can hope for the following side effects:

  1. Fresh sperm: Yes, your sperm can also go bad. And that already after about 3 to 4 days. So when masturbating, you make room for new seeds.
  2. Less stress: Masturbating reduces stress and also strengthens your immune system. However, you should not overdo it. Scientists say 3 to 5 hand jobs a week are ideal.
  3. Longer errections: Impotent from masturbating? No, on the contrary! If you put your hands together regularly, you will train your stability. Masturbation also increases testosterone levels. In addition, it can help you to discover your own fantasies, which can then inspire sex with your loved one.

Especially during puberty it can happen that boys do it to themselves several times a day. Although this decreases over the years, it happens much more frequently than with women. Old myths such as blindness due to too frequent masturbation are rather laughable from today’s point of view. Regular masturbation can even be quite healthy from a male point of view: it should reduce the risk of developing prostate cancer.

The difference between men who have regular sex and the sexually active female sex is interesting: Because in this case men probably feel less often the need to put on hands. The situation is different when the psyche is down: then orgasm can provide relief. The majority of the men interviewed stated in a survey that they masturbate every other day, 9 percent even do it more often than once a day.

How often does the average male masturbate?

Online market research company asked 1,303 Germans about their sexuality. Among them also for masturbation. Almost a third of the men surveyed stated that they masturbate at least (!) several times a week. A quarter of the men interviewed several times a month. What is an interesting side fact: A third of all female participants said they never masturbate.

What is a good “jerk off”-number?

There are still many uncertainties about masturbation. For example, men often ask themselves, “How often do men masturbate on average” and “How often should you satisfy yourself?” These uncertainties certainly still result from the times when masturbation was considered sinful and sickly. For centuries, medicine and science assumed that masturbation caused health problems such as impotence, blindness or bone loss.

However, these assumptions belong in the realm of myths and legends – today it is clear that masturbating has no harmful effect on health in any way. On the contrary – if you get yourself sexual pleasure, you release new energies and can also experience sex with your partner more fulfilling. In this respect, masturbation has advantages. Disadvantages are not known.

Masturbation: You may do it, as often as you like

Therefore there are no restrictions – you can satisfy yourself as often as you like. Some men masturbate up to ten times a day, others not at all. The need to satisfy oneself varies from person to person and also depends on factors such as age, mood, illness and individual life situation.

Man and age – Does the sexual desire change?

Although the body changes with age, this does not mean that older people no longer feel sexual pleasure. On the contrary – experience reports show that even over 80 year-olds want to feel and experience their sexuality. So there is no age limit for masturbation – as long as you feel like it, you should live it out. Because the self-confident, loving treatment of one’s own body associated with masturbation can help older people to retain their autonomy. Therefore, masturbation – you can’t be too old for that.