How to shave your pubic area as a man

Shaving men's pubic hair

How to shave your pubic hair as a men

Ouch! Some things can go wrong with an intimate shave. With our step-by-step instructions, everything runs smoothly for you:

  1. Pre-shaving: Trim your wild growth and long hair down to the millimetre. Otherwise, the razor blades will clog and turn your skin into a bloody battlefield.
  2. Cleaning: Wash the areas you want to shave. Otherwise dirt or germs can penetrate the skin and this can lead to inflammation.
  3. Warm up: Ideally, you should not tackle hair removal before, but during or after a hot shower. You don’t want to take a shower right now? Then do it like the cowboys do with the barber: Take a hot washcloth and place it on the area of hair you want to shave. Heat expands the blood vessels. The pores of your skin open up, the hair follicles become more elastic and the hair can be shaved better. This prevents skin irritation.
  4. Tighten: Tighten the skin of the area to be shaved with your free hand. Then gently drive the razor in the other hand over the area – preferably in the direction of hair growth. Although shaving against the grain is thorough, it can cause redness in sensitive areas such as the genital area. If absolutely necessary, shave once across the hair growth direction. Wash off shaving cream with warm water.
  5. Cooling: rinse the shaved areas with cold water so that the blood vessels close again – this also reduces blood leakage if you have led the razor with too much pressure and have been cut off. For wimps: ointment yourself with a cooling aloe vera cream.
  6. Smooth tightening: A moisturizing cream makes your skin beautifully smooth and is therefore not to be neglected. Tea tree oil has an antibacterial effect. Try not to wear skin-tight underwear after shaving. Not only so that the moisturizing ointment actually creams your skin and not your fine rib letter smoothly, but rather to prevent irritations on the skin through rubbing material. Put on a pair of boxer shorts, a light shirt or nothing at all

Other ways to remove your pubic hair

The wet shave is not the only way to get rid of annoying pubic hair. We have collected the best alternatives for you:

  • You can also trim your pubic hair with a dry shaver to prevent hair root inflammation.
    No-Go: Use the face razor down there as well.
  • Problem of shaving, whether wet or dry: It lasts only a few days because the hair roots remain untouched. It is different with epilation by epilator or wax. This method of hair removal removes the hair and roots. This lasts up to 4 weeks. Disadvantage: The epilation is clearly more painful. And certain parts of the male genital area such as the testicles are not suitable for growth.
  • Even longer smooth and beautiful than epilation, the intimate area remains with the sclerotherapy. The hair is sclerosed by laser or pulse light and falls off after a few days. The effect lasts up to several years. Disadvantage: Sclerotherapy is the most expensive of the intimate shaving methods. You will have to take ten sessions with a specialist who will hurt your wallet in particular with 80 to 120 euros per session.
  • The use of depilatory cream is cheaper and above all painless. However, due to the possible risk of contact allergy, the cream should only be tried on a small part of the body. “After this has been done, a treatment can be started on a larger area. However it remains to be noted that an intolerance can possibly still occur later,” so dermatologist Dr. Beuschel from Germany.

Is it a must-do to shave your pubic hair as a man?

At the moment “down there” clear cutting is a big trend, the bush has (for the time being) a break. But what many don’t know: The intimate shave is not a modern invention. Already for the ancient Egyptians the hairless body was considered an ideal of beauty and also in ancient Greece and Rome the removal of pubic hair was in great demand. Since the 1990s it has again been en vogue for us to trim genital hair – for both men and women. By the way: The concern that the shaved genital area could evoke associations with naked children is unfounded. “This type of personal hygiene has nothing paedophilic about it,” says Professor Norbert Kluge, sexologist at a University. Whether you also want to reach for the razor is entirely up to you. Because with the intimate shave it behaves like with any other trend – whether we want to follow it is up to each individual.

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