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The ideal penis size – What size of a penis do women prefer?

How big should it be in the eyes of women? Not every man is blessed by nature with an imposing privation.

New research at UCLA University in the United States has shown that women prefer penises that are larger than average. Not only for one-night stands, but also with your partner in a long relationship.

For their new study, US scientists have created a hundred different erect, virtual chambers. 33 of them were printed as 3D penis.

The 75 women who served as subjects were to choose from this final selection: One penis for one night and one for life.

Women prefer bigger penis sizes for a One-Night-Stand

For a long-term relationship, the participants chose a penis with an average length of 6.2 centimetres and a circumference of 4.8 inches.

When choosing for a hot night, those women opted for even bigger variations. The best piece should be 6.4 inches long and have a circumference of 5 inches.

With these demands, women dream big. The average US penis is 5.08 inches long.

Nicole Prause, the head of the study, explained to “Broadly” why women have chosen particularly large specimens as follows:

“A larger penis implies the risk of more pain and injury. However, women tolerate this risk for pleasure benefits when the man is a one-time night.”

That is the ideal penis – In the eyes of women

There are many myths about the man’s best piece. How big does it have to be? What should it look like? In order to clarify these questions once and for all, researchers from Switzerland have found out the most important characteristics of the male limb with the help of a study. The more than 100 women had to list what is most important to them in the male limb. The following results were obtained:

1. The entire appearance

Surprise, it doesn’t depend on the size. For the ladies, the entire, aesthetic appearance was important in the first place.

2. The pubic hair

In second place in the study was the man’s pubic hair. Here the women preferred trimmed, but not completely shaved hair.

3. The thickness of the penis

Even before the length of the penis, the third most important thing for women is how large the diameter of the penis is. The perfect thickness is between three and five centimeters.
Only in sixth place is the size of the male limb. The preferred length was between 5.1 and 5.9 inches. A study by the University of California also revealed the ideal size of an erect penis: 6.2 centimetres.

But measuring tape or not: We hope you don’t push your loved one off the edge of the bed for a few centimetres. After all, the choice of a partner depends on other things than the size of the penis. For example, an attractive face, a pleasant smile or… Oh yes, inner values.